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Heavenly Cuddler™ - Anti-Stress Pet Bed
Heavenly Cuddler™ - Anti-Stress Pet Bed
Heavenly Cuddler™ - Anti-Stress Pet Bed
Heavenly Cuddler™ - Anti-Stress Pet Bed
Heavenly Cuddler™ - Anti-Stress Pet Bed

Heavenly Cuddler™ - Anti-Stress Pet Bed

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Gift your pet the ultimate heavenly bed and give them comfort beyond their imagination! 

SUPERIOR COMFORT AND RELIEF - Designed with extra care, your pet's comfort is our number one priority. This bed will hug your pet from all sides bringing relief from stress and anxiety. Featuring a deep crevice with a cushioned raised rim, it's design is tailored to your pet's every need. The bed allows your pet to burrow deep in sleep with optimal head and neck support while providing them with exceptional comfort, giving your pet a full, restful sleep for improved behavior and overall better health.

VERSATILE DESIGN - We wanted your pet to feel right at home! That's why we designed this to to be as cuddly and soft as your furry little friend! The bed can be a great addition to accommodate the design of any home, perfect for any room’s décor! Our beds are also made with water and dirt resistant bottoms, making spills and accidents easy to clean up.

PET-SAFE MATERIALS - Crafted with premium nylon fabric and finished with a lush faux fur exterior, we aim to provide your pet with the most comfortable sleeping arrangement imaginable. These pet-safe materials come together to create a mattress that is as practical as it is comfortable! For added convenience, every bed is safe in the washing machine and dryer (Machine wash, gentle cycle. Tumble dry, low heat).


Sizes (diameter)

 Dog Weight

Small (20in/50cm)

Up to 10 lbs / 4.5 kg

Medium (24in/60cm)

Up to 15 lbs / 7 kg

Large (28in/70cm)

Up to 25 lbs / 12 kg

XL  (32in/80cm)

Up to 35 lbs / 16 kg

XXL (45in/110cm)

Up to 150 lbs / 68 kg



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Why a Heavenly Cuddler™?

Our Heavenly Cuddler™ is one of the most unique and highest quality pet beds that you won't be able to find in stores! Sustainably and responsibly sourced, we pride ourselves on providing dogs with the most comfortable sleeping experience possible. 


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