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Tea Plunge™ - Tea Infuser

Tea Plunge™ - Tea Infuser

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The Tea Plunge™ tea infuser enhances the flavor of your favorite tea while preventing the mess associated with loose leaves or wet tea-bags. Our innovative spoon design holds loose leaf or bagged teas and leaves no messy tea leaves in your cup. The Tea Infuser works with loose tea or teabags. Use in small or tall cups. The unique plunger allows you to squeeze every last drop out of your tea so nothing gets wasted. 

How to use

  • Open the compartment and fill the  spoon to the serving line for loose tea or insert one tea bag.
  • Close the compartment and place into cup of hot or warm water.
  • Steep to taste.
  • Swirl, stir, or press plunger to release more tea flavor.

Best of all, the Tea Plunge™ is dishwasher safe!

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